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About Us

About Us


MPA History

The Mahoro Peace Association

We are community organization that promotes the development of its members living in the US and supports peacebuilding, victims of armed conflicts, and displaced people in the Eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

MPA leadership is composed of a Board of Directors, an Executive Committee, and State Representatives. MPA has 7000+ members who live in more than 48 states.

  • MPA fosters strong relations with board, reps, and members. Core values: respect, volunteering, support, unity.
  • MPA promotes member development, supports peace, aids victims.

MPA leadership

Board members

Boad members’ role is to ensure that the overall organisation’s policies and procedures are respected. Board members also play a key role in organsing elections and resolving conflicts within Mahoro Peace Association.

Executive committee

The Executive committee is in charge of running MPA organization including but not limited to developing a vision and an action plan and getting it implemented. The Executive Committee works in different commissions.