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Peace Building

MPA President Adele Kibasumba.
Explains new MPA fundraising strategy.

On February 29th/2020; MPA President Adele Kibasumba had a meeting with MPA members living in Phoenix and Tucson Arizona. President was invited by Arizona MPA members and MPA state representatives to explain our current fundraising strategy. Arizona invitation came at the right time because it met Executive committee ongoing efforts to promote MPA new fundraising strategy in different states.

As promised during elections campaign, MPA Executive members have developed a new fundraising strategy meant to develop a sustainable financial support strategy which will help MPA to generate needed income to support the implementation process of its programs. … After discussion, a decision was made to fix an affordable monthly contribution of 20$ for each MPA working member. This is part of our long term commitment to support MPA activities in the US as well as to provide humanitarian and peacebuilding needs in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

MPA women assist more than 300 Mikenke displaced families since December 2017; ongoing Banyamulenge ethnic cleansing perpetuated by Mai mai militias working with foreign armed groups (Red-Tabara, FOREBU & FNL) in the high plateaus of Uvira, Fizi and Mwenga / DRC have caused unprecedented humanitarian crisis.

The affected area have recorded more than 70000 internally displaced peopple, women and girls continue to be victims of sexual violence; more than 130 villages burnt down, more than 125000 cattle stolen, unassisted displaced widows and orphans of armed conflicts as well apocalyptic destruction of health & education infrastructures.

MPA is calling for members and volunteers contributions to address the above humanitarian crisis. MPA is also supporting peacebuilding efforts between communities. MPa thanks all its members and volunteers contributors for continued dedication.

Mikenke deplaced camp attacks by Mai mai

Since 2019, Banyamulenge communities of the high plateaus of Uvira, Fizi and Mwenge are being selectively targeted and killed by militias. The most recent tragic Banyamulenge attack shelted in Mikenke camp happened end May / 2020. Ethnic cleansing perpetrators are Mai mai militias and foreign allied groups (Red Tabara, FOREBU, FNL) operating in the south of the south-Kivu province of the DRC. Attacked displaced families lived in a war ravaged region of the high plateaus of Fizi-Itombwe-Uvira in south-Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Recurring conflcits which started more than 20 years ago was reignited again in 2017. Mai mai militias launched unprecedented, systemic attacks against Banyamulenge communities, the Banyamulenge people, burnt down more than 200 villages and caused massive displacement of civilian population.

The very same coalition of Mai Mai militias, Burundian militias of Red Tabara, Forebu and FNL which distroyed Banyamulenge villages to the ground; looted hundred of thousand cows and raped and killed people are still pursuing them in desplacement camps with total impunity. On April 19th, 2020, rebel group known as mai-mai, Red Tabara, Forebu brutally raped and slaughtered two women (Nyamwiza Francine and Nyiramutarutwa Naziraje) and a man (Gicondo Sebarezi Adoni) while attending to their farms to get some produce for their families. Minembwe displaced families have been under siege for the last 3 years.

MPA is calling for the international community to;

  • Assist thousands of hungry Banyamulenge people without humanitarian assistance selectively killed in displacement camps.
  • Ensure safety for women raped and killed happened in that region few miles away from government soldiers (FARDC) and MONUSCO positions.
  • Enfonce peacebuilding agreement signed on March 13th, 2020, under supervision of the Congolese government and MONUSCO at Uvira DRC.
  • Stop the systematic strategy to kill, steal, loot, rape, and ultimately to eradicate Banyamulenge people in the region.

MPA support peacebuilding talks in Rurambo

MPA commends community elders of Rurambo for organizing regular inter-community talks between Banyamulenge, Bafulero and Banyindu communities. community unity is of outmost importance for peaceful cohabitation especially at time when foreign Burundi militias (Red Tabara, FOREBU & FLN) invaded Rurambo and other High Plateau of Uvira, Fizi and Mwemnga areas.

Community talks are spearheaded by selected Pastors, seniors citizens and key community decision makers. Thier job is to evaluate needs, reinforce prophylactic mechanisms and commitment to strive together to maintain relative peace despite threats and influences from divisive militias. As a reminder; on April 9th, 2020 Red Tabara attacked Bijojo Village of Rurambo in South Kivu Province/ DR Congo. Two young men lost their lives; one of them was from Banyamulenge tribe (Boazi Nkundiye), the other was Bafulero tribe (Seraza). Two Banyamulenge were also seriously wounded in the fighting.

For the last three years Red Tabara (Burundian armed rebel group) in conjunction with its Burundian allies (FOREBU and FLN) and local mai mai militias have been operating in the high plateau of Uvira, Fizi and Mwenge districts of South Kivu Province / DR Congo since 2016. These militias are known for their brutal killing, destruction and looting committed mainly against members of the Banyamulenge community. They have killed several hundred Banyamulenge people; they also wiped out 200 villages and looted more than 125,000 cattle in different villages of the high plateau of Uvira, Fizi and Mwenga.

Burundians self-proclaimed liberation movements whose mission was to overthrow the current Burundi regime using forceful means turned out to be nothing less than killing and racketeering warlords clubs fervently engaged in Banyamulenge ethnic cleansing.

Kudos to Rurambo communities, they stand together to say no to trouble makers. They refuse to settle for divisive community ideology, they refused to be puppets of political manipulation they chose to unite for peace sake.

16th Commemoration of the Gatumba massacre.

Mahoro Peace Association (MPA) in partnership with the Gatumba Foundation is pleased to invite you to the 16th commemoration of Gatumba Massacre to be held on August 13th 2020 in Austin/Texas. Banyamulenge communities around the world will be celebrating the 16th commemoration of the Gatumba massacre as a remembrance of the tragic night of 13th to 14th August 2004 in which 167 Congolese refugees (152 Banyamulenge and 15 from tribes) were killed by a coalition of Mai mai militias and FNL combatants.

Banyamulenge refugees under protection of the United Nations High commission for Refugees (UN HCR) were savagely only few miles from Bujumbura city (the capital city of Burundi) and few miles from military position. Banyamulenge ethnic cleansing was the intent of the planned killing. FNL is a Burundian political and military organization which is known for its visceral hatred against Banyamulenge tribe. Short after the Gatumba massacre; FNL rushed to international medias to acknowledge committing the killing.

Even though FNL took responsibility of the killing survivors have been waiting for justice to be done in vain. Burundian government opened a case against Agathon Rwasa (the then number one of FNL movement) back in 2013 but the case stalled since then. Instead of bringing Rwasa to justice, the Burundi government made a political deal with him and it elected him deputy speaker of the parliament in 2015.

We, Banyamulenge communities largely believe that the international community failed us once again by not bringing Gatumba massacre perpetrators to justice. Survivors still recall the tragic night in which they lost loved ones supposed to be protected by the United Nations. Banyamulenge are asking Burundi government and international stakeholders for justice. We are also dismayed by the fact that due to lack of justice another FNL dissident wing is currently caring out Banyamulenge ethnic cleansing in the high plateaus of Uvira, Fizi and Mwenga.

MPA sent 6 tons of Humanitarian aid (food) in Minembwe city

Thanks to MPA members monthly contributions.

MPA has sent 4 tons of food (humanitarian aid) to Minembwe displaced families. Minembwe city has more than 20 000 displaced people most of them from neighboring areas who lost everything in militias attacks. Displaced people of the high plateaus of Uvira, Fizi, & Mwengadid not have food assistance nor any other humanitarian assistance since their arrival in Minembwe (some of them more than a year).

Minembwe is currently under siege by the same militias groups and is only accessible through air-cargo which makes the cost of shipping humanitarian aid ( food, medications and other ) very expenses.

We are calling for humanitarian assistance because help is needed in the high plateaus of Uvira, Fizi, and Mwenga because of the increasing number of displaced people (from all tribes). Minembwe which hosts the biggest number of displaced has been plunged in recurring attacks for more than a year. Attacks are coonducted by a group of mai mai and their foreign allies militias ( Red Tabara, Forebu & FNL)